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What are the best Artificial Intelligence Software programs?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the artificial software program created to mimic human behavior. AI is capable to learn from different data patterns and insights. The dependency on AI is increasing with the speech or voice recognition, machine learning, virtual assistance, and more.

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Today’s business operations are successfully simplified by combining Artificial Intelligence with Machine learning for enhancing functionality. Small businesses or startups with a minimum budget are depending more on AI-based Software defined Perimeter applications for communicating with customers easily and increase sales by implying the smart software technology.

A list of the best Artificial Intelligence Software programs—

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Machine Learning is designed to train your model. Gcloud, Google Cloud Platform Console, REST API. Etc. are some of the sought after components of Google’s AI technology.

Top Features

  • Use Google Cloud for training, tuning and analyzing your model which later on will be deployed.
  • Monitor those models with Google AI technology.
  • Component like the Google Cloud Platform Console is an UI interface for managing the models, deploying them is possible.
  • G Cloud is a useful command line tool applicable for managing the models.

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So far, Google Clod Machine Learning has proved to be an efficient AI technology for better business operations and efficient for domestic uses as well.

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Microsoft Azure is an advanced Cloud technology useful for web services. The technology supports websites to use any data source.

Top features of Azure

  • Ensures browser-based solutions
  • Easy to use for non-skilled programmers. Drag and Drop option is available
  • Azure machine learning solution assures scalability
  • Capable of deploying models in the cloud and on the on-premises.
  • Integrated with open-source technologies



In Banking, insurance, telecom, marketing and healthcare sectors, H20 AI is gaining popularity. By using this tool, programmers can build models by using R and Python languages. So far, this open-source machine learning tool is helping users to a great extent with multiple features.

Top Features

  • H20 AI is enabled on a distributed “in-memory structure”
  • AutoML is integrated
  • Capable to work with various algorithms such as deep learning, gradient boosted machine, generalized linear models and so on.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a popular question and answering AI system. With the help of Apache Hadoop framework, IMB Watson provides support to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 operating system.

These are some of the best AI software programs.