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Popular Software Development Trends you must know

The fresh software development trend is totally focusing on broadening adoption of Artificial Intelligence by making it mainstream. The integration of smarter software technology is not only improving the commercial sectors but also proving its efficiency in helping us inside our homes. Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home has already entered many domiciles helping people to upgrade their lifestyles to the next level.

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The custom software development companies are predicting their future to be brighter with the fast adoption on advanced software technology from startups to domiciles.

Here, check out the top software development trends


Blockchain technology is predicted to be dominated in the future. Software developers are now working hard to find solution to use latest developments in blockchain and implement the de-centralized and open-sourece technology for the multiple benefits of users.

The term Blockchain became popular with cryptocurrencies. Since 2018, many businesses are using the technology as they intend to deploy the traditional transactional process. In the coming days, more blockchain-based apps will be invented and by adopting the latest technology, users can be highly benefited as Blockchain ensures 100% data security.

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Microservice Architecture

The world is already happy with the Cloud technology. From large to small enterprises, they’re more than pleased to upgrade their hosting to cloud and letting the larger—than-life technology to securing their data with great care.

With the rise of Cloud technology, Micro Service architecture will also dominate the world. The primary reason for the development of Micro service Architecture is its compatibility with Cloud Native and for fastening the software development. For quite some time, the micro service architecture is winning the trust of users for its multiple features.


DevOps professionals team up for enhancing both internal and external cyber security. Businesses, that are totally web-based and securing their data on their cloud hosting would definitely want a complete assurance of data safety with high-end firewalls and malwares.

Artificial Intelligence

This is the era of artificial intelligence- the technology created to mime human behavior. From running the small businesses operations to using products like Google Home or Alexa at homes, people find AI to be a friendlier option for doing so many tasks that they want them to do without moving. The AI platform is ensuring more ease to people that many of them can’t think of a better alternative yet.

IoT, Saas, etc. are also important software development technologies with bigger contributions to make in future.