How Bad Is Popcorn For Your Teeth?

Popcorn has been a popular snack among youngsters and older adults since the 1800s. However, they are not so much of a favorite for dentists. Many dentists prevent their patients from eating popcorn because of the dental issues it can create. Every year, thousands of patients visit the dental clinic with popcorn as a culprit. 

Popcorn is considered to be one of the worst foods for your teeth and can cause great dental damage. It is coated with excess sugar, butter, and salt, all of which are not recommended by dentists. However, the crunchy and hard texture of popcorn and unpopped kernels can be fatal for your teeth. If you have a dental issue related to popcorn, click here to speak to a dentist. 

What are the oral health risks related to popcorn?

  • Cracked teeth. 

Since popcorn is hard and crunchy in nature, it can easily lead to cracked teeth. Consuming popcorn that is too hot can also crack your teeth and even cause sensitivity. The American Dental Association warns people against hard food items like popcorn. 

  • Gum abscesses. 

Gum abscesses is a condition where tiny pieces of popcorn become stuck beneath open gum pockets, and the tissue around the area becomes inflamed. If the popcorn piece is not timely removed, the gum tissue may get filled with pus and create an abscess. 

  • Damaged restorations. 

If you have had dental restorations done, such as an implant or filling, consuming popcorn can damage your investment. The Journal of Oral Implantology warns against regular popcorn as it can cause dental implant failure. 

Steps to remove a popcorn hull from your gums

It is not uncommon for a popcorn hull to get stuck in your gums. Picking it out with a toothpick can be painful as well as damaging, as it can further push the hull into the gums. Instead, follow these safety tips. 

  • Floss up and down between your teeth and press hard against the side with the popcorn to loosen it. 
  • Loosen the deep gum pockets with the help of a Waterpik.
  • Use warm saltwater to relieve any discomfort.

If you have a popcorn hull stuck in your gums or you suspect that your tooth has cracked while eating popcorn, you should not waste a moment to see a dentist. They can examine your teeth, take out the popcorn hull safely, and recommend a treatment plan. 

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