Defining Primary Goals for Link Building

Link Building is a long drawn process. Having said, it has a starting point but where is the ending point? This brings about the pertinent questions: How much to do? How long to do? How much to set aside as a Link Building budget? Is there an acceptable solution to this? Link Building Goals are the answer for this.

Link Building Goals are not isolated goals that you come up with every month or every week. Link Building Goals are part of the overall marketing objective that is defined by the overall strategy. The overall strategy could be a long-term strategic plan running up to many years or several months.

It is the break-up of all the major goals for practical purposes like activity based goals and monthly or weekly goals. Link Building Goals are derived from the overall strategic goals.

Link Goals

Link Goals are numbers that you plan to create in a specific time period in a specific niche. Link Goals can also be further classified or sub-classified into blog backlink goals, submission websites backlink goals, directory backlink goals, social profile backlink goals, social media backlink goals and other content marketing backlink goals. So, in a given time period, like for example, in three months your backlink goals can be 3000 numbers if you are a small company. Number of backlinks may be associated with the number of keywords that you want to promote which translate into so many backlinks from the various different platforms into the multiple pages of your website.

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Search Engine Ranking Goals

This is an interesting goal setting process. You can use various keyword ranking tools to check the keyword ranking positions of your prominent or important keywords. You can set your goals of creating backlinks and go ahead creating backlinks. Then, your important or top keywords continuously show up in the top pages in Google – preferably the first page of Google. This type of goal does not give you a time frame or the amount of effort that needs to go as input but states the output. So, as long as it takes to bring first page results in Google for your top keywords, you have to continue with your Link Building process. One important point to note here is that you should ensure that the keyword positions are consistently on top at least for a period of ten weeks. You have to monitor and continuously do the Link Building process until the top keyword ranking positions stabilise in the SERP.

While you set your Link Building Goals in order to determine how much of an effort or how long you should be doing the Link Building activity, do not set a definite time frame. You have to fix only tentative time targets because several factors contribute to achieve your goals, especially getting top results in Google. being during the Link Building process it’s all for for practical purposes it is not all

Business Goals

Business Goals can be defined as those tangible goals as successful sales conversions, sales volumes achieved, number of products sold, number of leads generated, number of online sales, number of new customers acquired, number of trial sign ups, number of customers who interacted with your brand and such things.

Your Link Building Goals can be related to your business goals. Until your specific business goals are achieved or a combination of business goals like number of customers visited your store and the number of orders received, you can continue with your task of Link Building.

Another thing, the aforementioned goals are not absolute or correct measures of success in SEO Package. They are only indicators and are relative successes. These results are highly volatile and fluctuating too. So, the Link Building Goal Setting is only for practical purposes of task allocation.

But all these efforts at Link Building and systematic approach will serve you a great deal by improving your overall SEO scores drastically. For long term results, you have to do Link Building as a continuous process because new tools and platforms keep emerging and you have to always capitalize them.

You are setting goals for SEO and Digital Marketing because goals will give a direction and achieving time bound goals fetch you huge rewards.

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