5 Best Reasons to move to remote CX set up right now

The compatibility of companies with remote CX setups has only been increasing in the past few months. From being an activity that was conducted mostly physically and in person at a call centre, CX delivery has transformed into a task you can do with simply your smartphone. The reason that this has happened is that companies have realized the immense advantages they have in moving to a remote CX setup. Let us take a look at some of these advantages.

Administrative Costs

The administrative costs were perhaps the highest costs of any CX setup. These costs include infrastructure costs, setup costs, maintenance costs, electric and lighting costs, etc. After transitioning to remote CX the administrative costs of companies have reduced significantly. Companies no longer need to invest in complex IT hardware, and can instead focus squarely on providing cloud-based software solutions to their CX agents. They also do not need to spend excessive amounts of money keeping a call centre up and running on-premises.

Human Resource Costs

The human resources costs of various companies have plummeted during the pandemic, possibly due to reduced interaction among employees and lower hiring. In the CX domain, this is primarily due to the rise of marketplaces such as VOIZ. On VOIZ, you get access to some of the best remote CX talents from around the globe. You do not need to go about recruiting people for CX roles — they simply come to you after you share your requirements in the marketplace. The HR activity of firms also reduces due to all agents working remotely. Through their self-service platform, you can hire, train and manage these agents, reducing your HR costs and time significantly


Employees deliver the best quality of work when they like what they are doing and are comfortable with it. When employees work from home and choose the house that they want to work for, they are motivated and efficient. When you hire trained CX experts from a platform such a VOIZ, you get only the agents that actively want to work for you. This allows you to add efficiency to your CX processes and improve the quality of your CX delivery.


The best quality of remote CX is its scalability. Once you have the mechanisms in place to enable your remote CX agents to work effectively, you can prospectively hire agents from around the globe. You can ensure true 24 hour services for your clients and be assured that the quality of the services provided will be great. Remote CX contributes to employee satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. You can use a remote platform such as VOIZ to scale your work to no end. VOIZ offers a gig workforce, and you can ramp up and down at any instant depending on your demand.


Remote CX provides flexibility to you and your agents. When agents apply for remote CX work at VOIZ, they choose the number of hours they want to work, as well as the exact timings that they are available. At your end, you can choose agents to fill the timings of your call centre that are empty. This creates a win-win situation for all.


Remote CX is beneficial for all parties involved: agents, contact centres and companies. It is hence incumbent upon you to transition to remote CX if you haven’t already, for cost savings and better quality. As a single marketplace, VOIZ enables all of this as a self-service plug-and-play platform.