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Did You Know?

  • One in five children who use computer chatrooms has been approached over the Internet by pedophiles1.
  • Internet pedophiles are increasingly adopting counter-intelligence techniques to protect themselves from being traced2.
  • Forty percent of people charged with child pornography also sexually abuse children, police say. But finding the predators and identifying the victims are daunting tasks3.
  • 13 million youth use Instant Messaging4.


Safer Internet is dedicated to providing information to help parents protect their children from the dangers lurking on the Internet. The more you know about what is out there and how to guard against it, the safer your children will be and the less you have to worry!


1. Detective Chief Superintendent Keith Akerman, January 2002
2. National Criminal Intelligence Service, 8/21/03
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4. Pew Study reported in JAMA, 6/0

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